This is just a soundtrack to my life, and that literally just means whatever song fits my current mood. I guess you could also consider this a diary of sorts, not quite private but then again who’s going to find this? If you’ve managed to find it, you probably don’t know me. So yay, pseudo-privacy.

Sometimes I write about books, TV shows, mental health or whatever random stuff I’m thinking about. But it’s mainly music here.

Anyway, I’m a high school junior girl, shorter than average and awkward to the max, no social life whatsoever, 100% asian, pianist, and super obsessed with ice cream, nail art, pretty photos and music. I’m also an insecure introvert and I’m pretty sure I have some sort of social anxiety.

I’m not a music snob. Or at least I hope I’m not. I have no clue how to hear if something is autotuned, or how to “categorize” songs. If I had to say, my taste in music would be a super strange mix of pop-indie-edm-alternative-r&b messiness, with a tiny tiny bit of country and a hint of pop rock. and the occasional classical piece, although that’s mainly because of a) cute movie scenes and b) I play classical piano.

Probably should have put this at the beginning but I’m too lazy. In case you couldn’t tell, I suck at writing.

That right there is what I wrote when I was 16. Let’s try this again, almost a year later.

This blog contains the most private inner musings of an insecure and introverted 17-year-old, who also happens to be socially awkward and abnormally short. While reading, you’ll probably see a lot of me whining or ranting or throwing myself a pity party, because you could call this my emotional outlet. I’m still going to post about music, but also just about life stuff that gets trapped in my head.

I’m not an amazing writer to begin with, but I’m also perpetually sleep-deprived so what you read on here may not always make a whole lot of sense. Oh well.


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