6/1- here i am

I haven’t been writing here for 2 reasons: 1) I’ve been super busy and 2) I thought I no longer needed to. Originally I started thise because I kept getting really upset about everything and I needed a place to vent about it so I wouldn’t explode, but lately I’ve been fine, like things didn’t affect me that much anymore. But hey, guess what happened today? You know how two people will start talking about some group thing they’re going to do but it’s really awkward because you’re literally right there and they already kind of know that you haven’t been invited (they’re not totally sure but they can make an educated guess) and so every once in a while they’ll just send you a pitying glance- *internally screams*

Yeah. That happened.

So much for me being impervious, huh?

~the short awkward one


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