5/17- TV shows

Some of my favorite shows have been cancelled 😦 Undateable and Faking It, to name a few. On the other hand, The Big Bang Theory, Superstore, Modern Family, Supergirl, and Shadowhunters have been renewed!! Guess I can’t have them all (as much as I want to).

But one of my favorites, Stitchers, is still on the fence and I might actually cry if it’s cancelled, because I’m so invested in these characters and their story. And I just adore the main characters- they’re super relatable and funny.

It’s kind of a sci-fi/crime/drama/comedy/romance. Basically there’s a girl, Kirsten, who gets recruited by the NSA to use technology to “stitch” into the memories of dead people, and she uses that information to solve crimes. Some other characters are Camille (the super sassy one), Linus (the awkward insecure one), and Cameron (head scientist who’s in love with Kirsten and Kirsten loves him and everyone knows it but they won’t get together for some reason and if they never get together and the show gets cancelled I’m going to freak out because like I said I’m super super invested.)

So I highly highly reccommend this show and I basically watched the first season in 2 days. You can start from the beginning and watch all previous episodes for free on the Freeform app! And if you really like the show and want to help save it, use #renewstitchers3 !

~the short awkward one x


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