5/16- done af

AP tests are over, but I’ve still got a lot of stuff to do that I’m currently procrastinating on by writing this.

I feel oddly detached from everything. Like what would normally have caused me to freak out, now feels like it’s happening through a layer of glass. What’s the cure for this? Because as much as I used to wish I could turn off my emotions, I didn’t mean permanently.

So since I feel like nothing has actually happened to me, this is basically a pointless post…

Like okay, how about this. Literally 2 minutes ago I was FB stalking two of my ex-friends (which honestly sounds pathetic) (and if I had been doing this a year ago I would most likely have been crying) but then I noticed just how many spelling errors there were. And that’s when I realized: I may not be popular and I may be the most insecure human being to ever walk the planet, but compared to them, I’m probably the one who’s going to end up at a better university. Because prettiness and popularity only matter in high school (and maybe college) but the point is that the intelligent are the ones who will end up running the world. Not to say that I’m intelligent, but I would definitely say that I’m  a little higher on the scale.

~the short awkward one

p.s. I’m literally falling asleep while writing this so if there are any errors or if this offends anyone I’m sorry, this is just me throwing my thiughts out there,



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