3/30- my internal commentary

mini-rant: ok so there’s this guy in my Chem class who’s a total douche and everyone knows it. But anyway he always wears like super-fancy clothes, like Ralph Lauren and other crap, because it’s not enough to act like a jerk, you have to look like one too. I mean, obviously.

Some of the douchey things he does are making fun of people who get the answer wrong (even if he doesn’t know it) and making a big deal about “what if I don’t have a printer to print out the assignment?” Mmkay yeah tell that to your $200 shoes. Your outfit probably costs the same as my entire wardrobe, and I have a good amount of clothing.

Which isn’t to say that all your clothes have to be cheap or whatever, but seriously this is just high school. Unless he thinks expensive clothes can make up for his face combined with his attitude (it can’t) or he’s trying to impress people with his (aka his parents’) wealth.

And he tries to sell the clothes off his body to other people. He literally took off his sweatshirt and tried to sell it to some other guy for half the price apparently, like what even. It’s ridiculous, and what’s even weirder is that the guy actually considered buying it. Keep your clothes, no one wants them. And if you need to sell them off to people for the money, maybe you shouldn’t buy such expensive clothing.

So that’s basically what was going through my head for the entire period…

~the short awkward one


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