3/26-our uncultured youth

We drive our cars and grimace when we accidentally flip to the classical radio station

We sit in the audience of the Shakespeare play our teachers forced us to go to, in a desperate attempt to shove some culture into us, and all we can say is ‘This is so fucking boring’

We see art, but if it’s not aesthetically pleasing it doesn’t hold our interest for more than a second

All we’re concerned about is our pop culture, what we see on Twitter, Vine, and Instagram, the lives of celebrities who we’ll never meet, the games that professional athletes play

Because watching men running around a court or a field, chasing a ball, on the tiny screens of our smartphones is more important than learning a new language or viewing someone’s project that they spent hours preparing for

This is our uncultured youth.

~the short awkward one

(my blog is in a sad state of disarray just like my Spotify account and my entire life to be completely honest but yeah hopefully music is coming and also probably a pity party session too)


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