3/24-high school

In the morning, I see the girl whose life is perfect get ignored by her so-called friends,

In Chemistry, I see the “nice” girl say no to another girl asking to sit next to her,

At lunch, I hear the sarcastic boy, who normally doesn’t give a fuck, nervously practicing a speech,

In Photography, I watch the football players studying for the hardest college-level class in the school,

In the hallways, I hear rumors about the volleyball captain who smokes weed,

In French, I watch the teacher’s pet roll his eyes behind her back,

In the bathroom, I listen to the girl who’s always happy, crying about her grades,

At the talent show, I hear the baseball player sing and play piano,

After school, I see the boy, who’s called a slacker by everyone, in the library studying,

Everything is not what it seems.


~the short awkward ome

(yeah so this is a new thing and I know that my writing’s not the best but honestly this format is a lot faster to just write about my day. Music post probably going up later tonight, if not, then this weekend.)


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