3/14-it’s been a while

I’ve realized this blog has become less about music and more about me because I only feel the urge to write about my day when it’s been shit, and for the last week life has been holding steady at the “meh” level. Everything wasn’t perfect but it was pretty constant, you know? And then the last few days have just been getting progressively worse, like on Friday when it was my birthday but one of my friends who I consider one of the people I’m closest to, didn’t even tell me happy birthday over Facebook, and that just made me upset, like I don’t mean as much to her. And it’s, you know, that time of the month, and basically I’ve been eating large quantities of bread and pasta and chocolate and cake and I feel a teensy bit bloated. Not to mention that I tried to make a joke at dinner and then my dad made some snide comment about not joking about stuff I didn’t understand and I was like, Really? Just insult my intelligence, why don’t you? Of course I fucking understand, I’m just trying to be funny which I seriously don’t do that often. First you complain that I don’t talk at dinner, then when I do you make comments like that. Is it any wonder I don’t talk?

I’ll try and make some music posts hopefully this week. I’ve been offline for a while because school’s been super busy but I’ll make an effort to post more.

~the short awkward one


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