2/5- no school, 2/7- my space


Today my school was closed because there was a picture going around of writing on a whiteboard that had a threatening message. It went something like, “Don’t come to school on 2/5 if you like your life. I’m sorry F” which is the vaguest and probably fakest message ever because where I live there’s not that many dangerous/insane people, it’s all suburbs and schools and grocery stores and parks. But they closed school anyway just to be cautious, so I’m still in my pajamas and I just watched 4 hours straight of TV.

I still need to study for some tests on Monday, for the ACT tomorrow, edit photos for class, write an essay, and research for a debate tournament…but I always do stuff at the last minute and usually I can get it done.


It’s Chinese New Year’s Eve and my aunt came over and started Facetiming with the family we have in Malaysia and apparently she was giving a tour to one of the cousins so she walked upstairs with the tablet while I was eating dessert at the table and she went in my room. She fucking went in my room like did you have my permission? No way in hell. My room is my space and I barely tolerate my parents in there and even my brother knows enough not to go in. Do I need to put up a sign? DO NOT GO INTO MY FUCKING ROOM. And while you’re at it, don’t sit in my chair either because there is no reason why you can’t sit on one of the wider chairs. I’m like Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory- my space is my space. You’re not welcome in it unless I say you are.

  • So What, by P!nk. Angry song, good fit.
  • Monsters, by Ruelle. Watched two hours straight of the Shadowhunters TV series yesterday, this was my favorite song there.


~the short awkward one



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