1/23- busy busy

I’m really falling behind with this blog, I had such high hopes this year but I’ve just been getting busier. Finals are over, so I get a brief reprieve while I stress out over what my math score is going to look like. Next weekend I’m going to a debate tournament, so I’ll be prepping for that this week. The week after that I have the AMC and ACT so I probably need to study for those. I need to take my test to get my driver’s license sometime. And I’m going to try and volunteer more.

But tomorrow I’m going to relax. I’m going to watch The Bachelor and exercise, and play piano, and take pictures and listen to music and make yummy food.

  • be my forever, by Christina Perri ft. Ed Sheeran. We’re on top of the world//we’re on top of the world//now darling, so don’t let go. Ed Sheeran’s on a break from any kind publicity until the fall and I don’t know if I can wait that long. Of course he’s earned it, but I’m definitely going to miss the fact that he’s not releasing new music for a while.

  • I’ll Keep Loving You, by David Guetta ft. Birdy and Jaymes Young. This is such an interesting song, because the singers have a more acoustic sound usually, but they sound amazing here.
  • Just The Way You Are, by Bruno Mars. This is basically as far back as my music knowledge goes. Anything before this, I will have no clue about. I love the piano intro and the lyrics. Basically everyone should know this song, even if they’re not a huge music person.

~the short awkward one



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