1/16- crowds=bad

(Haven’t posted in a few days, I’ll make it up with this longer post.)

We had an assembly in school yesterday because it’s MLK day on Monday, which was very nice, they not only focused on MLK Jr. but also equality in general.

And they were talking about sexual equality and I was interested in the different identities, which led me to a Wikipedia search just now on demisexuality. Which is something that sounds like it might fit, but at the same time I haven’t had any relationships-I’m only in high school- so there’s nothing to base this off of. So I’m probably going to wait and see what happens with that, because that’s just a whole other can of worms. (Such a weird phrase.)

Anyway, this assembly was right after 2nd period where I have no friends, none at all, and we were sitting by class so I had to walk through a giant crowd by myself- our school has almost 2000 people, who were all trying to move into the gym at the same time-and try to not get smushed, and then I was packed in between two people who I barely knew and I’m a small person, but I still need breathing room. And I stayed like that for the hour-long assembly.

Then I tried not to get trampled while getting off the bleachers and then I had to make my way back to class and get my stuff through the same giant crowd and it wasn’t until I was on my way to 3rd period that I noticed that I was kind of out of breath and it seemed like I had been for a while, like maybe since the assembly started or even since the crowds since I never feel like I can breathe in a crowd.

Crowds are hell for short/small people. We can’t see anything, we’re trying not to get squashed like bugs, and we’re basically adrift in an ocean of bodies. So do us a favor, and if you see a short person struggling, don’t make life worse for them by stepping in front of them or shoving through the crowd.

But other than that life has been fine. I’m making playlists, trying not to die studying for finals, and procrastinating by watching TV. If you like comedy shows, try Superstore and Undateable, they’re my favorites. And I’ve also started watching Pitch Slapped, which is a reality show about a capella teams.

  • Hide and Seek, by Imogen Heap. One of the teams performed this a capella and it sounded super cool. I’m not really sure why there’s a snippet of “Whatcha Say” by Jason DeRulo in the middle, but it sounds nice.

  • All About Us, by He is We ft. Owl City. I had this stuck in my head and couldn’t figure out what song it was for an entire day, but this was one of my favorite songs from the Mortal Instruments soundtrack (I have to start watching the TV series too…)
  • Sleep, by Azure Ray. From the soundtrack of the Devil Wears Prada, great movie and great song.
  • Open Season, by High Highs. This is actually in Pitch Perfect, my favorite movie ever. (But I liked a capella before Pitch Perfect. I watched all the seasons of the Sing-Off, the show that Pentatonix won, before Pitch Perfect was made.)

Music from movies and TV is amazing. If the movie is good then the music is memorable and vice versa.

~the short awkward one







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