1/12-still reorganizing..

…while studying for finals. Best. Plan. Ever.

And it’s still a mess but I’ve shuffled some smaller playlists into some bigger playlists so it looks less messy. Emphasis on “looks,” because right now I have no clue where my favorite songs are and that’s not a good feeling. As of now I’ve finished 3 playlists- “retro style,” “can you not,” and “empowerment.” And then I have about 8 other playlists that are absolute catastrophes.

  • Blow Me One Last Kiss, by P!nk. Actually forgot all about P!nk, how did that happen? That’s the only good thing about reorganizing-rediscovering your favorites.
  • Piano, by Ariana Grande. Such a feel good song. I especially love it because I’m a piano girl.

  • Blonde, by Bridgit Mendler. She’s primarily an actress, and right now she’s on Undateable Live, which is my favorite show ever. The cast is super funny, they all work well together, and the humor is kind of quirky. And it’s live on TV, which is really impressive. Also, I’m not actually blonde, I’m Asian, but it has a really nice melody and the lyrics are amusing. Fun fact-when I was in kindergarten all I wanted was long blonde curly hair. I was such a weird kid, and not a very bright one either.

~the short awkward one


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