1/8- phases

I’m like the moon, I go through phases.

Like at the very beginning of when I started listening to a bunch of music, in middle school? That was definitely an Ariana Grande phase. There were a lot of other phases with different artists and music styles, and I still love all those songs, but whatever phase I’m in, I listen to the most of that music and pretty much online-stalk those artists.

(There is never going to be a Justin Bieber phase, promise me you’ll kill me before that happens. His music is fine but he’s just a really rude person in general.)

Right now it’s a Shawn Mendes phase, because I’m hearing his voice all over the radio and I’ve been listening to his songs on Spotify and watching his interviews. His voice gives me shivers.

  • Air, by Shawn Mendes ft. Astrid S
  • Never Be Alone
  • Life of the Party
  • A Little Too Much
  • I Know What You Did Last Summer, by Shawn Mendes ft. Camila Cabello
  • Something Big
  • The Weight
  • Show You
  • One of Those Nights





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