12/31-countdown/new years eve

It’s not actually 2016 yet where I am, it’s going to be a couple more hours. I’m going to finish up my countdown now, and I’ll probably post about new years later tonight when it’s actually past midnight.


  • Jess Glynne. She released some music earlier but this year she really had a hit with Hold My Hand.
  • Rachel Platten. Same story actually, with Fight Song.


  • Confident, by Demi Lovato. I really love how sassy and bold her voice is.
  • Made in the A.M. By One Direction. I’m not a hardcore fan but the some of the songs are good.
  • Know-It-All, by Alessia Cara. I adore her and her hair and her music and lyrics and voice, she’s perfect.


  • Trumpets, by Jason DeRulo.
  • Sing, by Pentatonix. (Original song, not a cover.)
  • Uma Thurman, by Fall Out Boy.
  • Immortals, by Fall Out Boy.

Well that’s the end of my countdown! Have a happy New Years eve. More music to come later, after midnight.

~the short awkward one



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