maybe I was a little more broken than you thought I was and I knew you were going to leave so I started leaving first so that I would hurt less when you finally saw how messed up I was and then we were on two sides of an invisible line pulling back from each other until suddenly we weren’t friends anymore

  • Halo, by Beyoncé. Remember those walls I built//well baby they’re tumbling down. Those walls stay up until I’m good and sure that you’re not going to leave like everyone else.

  • Girl On Fire, by Alicia Keys ft. Nicki Minaj. This is one of those songs that was way overplayed and everyone got sick of it. Songs like this are why I try not to listen to the radio except in the car. Once you make it a few years past the “overplayed” phase, you can appreciate the song more without hearing it every 5 minutes.
  • Don’t Forget, by Demi Lovato. Did you forget that I was even alive? I don’t see how this can happen in the span of a week. You feel like you know everything about a person and vice versa and then they seem to do a total 180 and pretend you never existed, for no apparent reason.

Just to be clear, I’m only talking about friendships here. It may apply to love lives-I have no idea since I don’t have one- but this is only about my terrible friend choices in the past. Not all friends are like this. I have some friends who are good people, they all just have better friends who they would rather spend time with, so even though they’re “friends,” I still feel left alone a lot.

Sorry I’m not posting as much, it’s winter break and I’m lazy and there’s nothing for me to procrastinate on by blogging.

~the short awkward one



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