This is a rant about my English teacher because he’s an uncultured jerk who loves the sound of his own voice. If you want to skip to the music, head to the bottom of this post, because this is going to be long.

  1. He has pretty much no regard for other people’s cultures. You’d think that being an English teacher would make him more cultured, right? Nope, wrong. Even though my school is pretty racially diverse and he’s worked there for a long time, apparently he’s never even heard of the Day of the Dead. Seriously. I understand that you’re a red-blooded American who plays baseball and drives a pickup, but that’s no reason to be ignorant.
  2. He whistles to get our attention in class. Newsflash: we are not dogs.
  3. His curriculum is pointless. Yes, we read the same books as the other classes, but at a much slower pace and with less actual content. Because after reading a page, he’ll start rambling about some topic that only barely connects to the book. Then he lets other people get a sentence in before going on another 5 minute speech. I despise teachers who waste my time every single day. All the activities we do in that class are completely pointless, and I could do everything we’ve done so far in two weeks, max.
  4. His stupid “class discussions” are also useless. He’ll call on people, but he’s not really listening because immediately after, he restates what they said but in a much longer manner. And then he forgets what they say entirely. We spent an entire class period on a discussion that had nothing to do with the book we were reading.
  5. He’s an insensitive jerk. He made us write about adversity, and then started talking about how one year he made everyone read theirs out loud and a lot of people cried. He didn’t do that this year, but he singled out one person and blatantly starting talking about what they had privately written, about their parents’ divorce and other sensitive subjects.
  6. More insensitivity- for my little adversity paragraph I wrote about my “aversion to public speaking,” aka introverted awkwardness. He read it and scored it and gave it back. Well, he was scoring that discussion I mentioned before, so being the good student I am I tried to participate. Then he said,” That’s already been said, but I’ll accept it.” Damn right you’ll accept it! Wtf I explicitly wrote, I don’t like public speaking and I make an effort and you just steamroller it and on top of that you still give me an F. So next time, I’ll take the zero. I’m a good student and I pay attention and give good effort and that shouldn’t be decided on whether or not I can talk in front of people. It’s an English class, not a public speaking class.

There’s a hell of a lot more where that came from, but the short message? Fuck you, Mr. English teacher.

  • Sorry, by Jessie J ft. Rixton and Jhené Aiko. I got something to say, attention please. Well. Something to write, at any rate.
  • Painkiller, by Jason DeRulo ft. Meghan Trainor. I love this song, most of their individual songs are usually upbeat but this one has an edginess.

  • A Different Beat, by Little Mix. I’m sick of being told//what’s wrong or right. This song is very upbeat and it’s a little strange given my current mood, but somehow it works.

~the short awkward one



2 thoughts on “12/14-rant

  1. That English teacher sounds like a dude who should walk to his car with eyes in the back of his head so someone doesn’t jump him.

    I never had one like that, but I had an English teacher in high school who would rip your opinions to shreds in front of everyone. She used to pick on me a lot. When we had a free day to sit around and do nothing, she walked up to me and was like “you have all these people around you and you aren’t talking to any of them? You’re on your phone? That’s kind of sad”. And I just smiled because holly shit I was so offended and scared. The girl next to me ended up defending me and said “it’s not her fault no one here is interesting”. The teacher shrugged and went away. She was the only teacher who ever told me one of my papers wasn’t good enough.

    You know how being anxious makes you highly sensitive to criticism? She taught me how to take it. Honestly, she pissed me off more than any other teacher but she improved my writing far beyond what I thought it could be. And looking back on it, she was trying to push me out of that habit of staying silent. It was for college prep or whatever they call it, AP class or whatever. She was INTENSE but damn . . . I’ll probably put her in the acknowledgements for my first novel lol!

    Too bad your English teacher isn’t like that. He’d make students much happier in the end.

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    1. I had a similar experience with my English teacher last year. She really made us suffer while we were in her class, but like you said, I look back and she was one of the teachers who taught me the most. This year’s English teacher is definitely not that kind of teacher.

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