12/11- I want this.

Something I want more than anything is to just be close enough with someone, that one day I can share a pair of earbuds with them. Because there’s something special about listening to the same song at the exact same time, connected by one little wire. Better yet, spend a whole lazy afternoon like that, sitting on a couch and playing one song after another and showing them your favorites, and neither of you wants to leave. I want this so badly, and I want to have someone to share this with even more.

  • Tee Shirt, by Birdy. This is from TFIOS soundtrack, which has so many good songs on it. I love this song because it’s peaceful and calm and quiet and perfect to listen to right after I wake up.

  • Everything Has Changed, by Taylor Swift ft. Ed Sheeran. Has there ever been a more perfect combination? They have great harmonies and lyrics. I’m pretty sure almost everyone has heard this.
  • I’m With You, by Avril Lavigne. Isn’t anyone trying to find me//won’t somebody come take me home? Also kind of a clamer love song with a little bit of sad, and oddly enough a little bit of adventure as well.

~the short awkward one


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