12/1- music vs. people

I’m in love with music. Each song is consistent and always stays the same, but it changes depending on how I’m feeling, and there’s so much variety. Music never glares at me or makes me feel like dirt, like the lowest of the low. It never rejects me or makes me feel like an outcast or gives me anxiety. It never makes me feel unwanted, embarrassed, shy , stupid, or awkward.

Basically, I prefer music to people.

  • Red Balloon, by Charli XCX. I watched the movie “Home” recently, it was adorable and this was on the soundtrack. Actually the whole soundtrack is amazing.
  • How I Want Ya, by Hudson Thames ft. Hailee Steinfeld. I don’t know how people achieve that kind of older, radio-style voice, but this guy does it perfectly. To me it sounds like retro-meets-modern, especially in the intro. And Hailee Steinfeld kills it in the chorus

  • The Night Is Still Young, by Nicki Minaj. Not a huge rap person, but Nicki Minaj has a really unique style that I like, and I love the chorus.

music>>>>>>>people any day

~the short awkward one


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