11/24- i’m fine

That’s the lie that’s most commonly told, I think. I’ve been reading more sappy romance books. The one I just read, The Fill-In Boyfriend, had this exact lie. The main character was always living on the surface and I think that’s what I’m doing, but in the end she started thinking more deeply because of some guy and I’m still stuck on the surface. Another one I read was Eleanor & Park, by Rainbow Rowell. Park was surface living too, then he changed because of Eleanor. Do I really need another person to help me think more deeply?

That’s what it seems like from up here on the surface.

  • Rock Bottom, by Hailee Steinfeld. I’ve been listening to the songs on her EP every day since it came out. It’s fantastic. We’re on the right side of rock bottom/And I hope that we keep falling.

  • Hold Each Other, by A Great Big World ft. Futuristic. This basically echoes some of the ideas in the books. Why is love such a cure-all end-all in today’s culture? I won’t know until I experience it, I guess. Mostly I like this song because it’s got piano, nice lyrics and a nice sound.
  • Great Big Storm, by Nate Ruess. Has nothing to do with this post really, I just like this song.

Wow the songs on this post and basically the entire post itself make no sense and I’m super tired of stressing about school and my awkward social problems and I just want to listen to some nice music.

~the short awkward one


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