11/16- in light of paris

So, the events in Paris went down on Friday, and everyone talked about it- who it was, why they were there, what caused it. And then I was thinking- why is popular music all about love for a significant other? Why isn’t there popular music written for these tragedies?

I know that love is power, it’s the “human emotion,” but animals arguably feel love. Animals can feel jealousy, anger, guilt, depression. So is love really a human emotion, and if so why is it that love for a significant other dominates the charts?Maybe because I haven’t experienced it yet, but I don’t think the earth will suddenly stop moving and I’ll want to be with them forever, because news flash: this is real life.

I just feel like people would take music more seriously if it covered other topics, not just romantic love. I know a lot of the songs I post on here are on that topic, but I really love listening to music on other topics too.

Some non-romantic songs:

  • Growing Up, by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Ed Sheeran. This song is adorable. Macklemore is one of the rappers I actually like because not all his songs are about girls or partying. This is his song to his daughter, and if you read the description in YouTube, it will give you warm fuzzy feelings.

  • Cecilia and the Satellite, by Andrew McMahon. This song was again by him to his daughter, it’s amazing!

  • Hell No’s and Headphones, by Hailee Steinfeld. Her new EP is golden, and I love this song because it’s about not caring what other people think. Love love love her voice, lyrics, the whole thing.

~the short awkward one

ps- this is just a generalization. I’m not saying all music is like this, but a lot of it is.


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