11/11- random

Hello, happy Veteran’s Day! I personally do not know any veterans but they definitely should be celebrated.

Also, I have homework I should be doing but I’m not. I’m tired and slightly incoherent. You can tell by the way my thoughts I’m writing make no sense. I can’t even English (yes I just made that a verb go with it just go with it)

Some people have descended into Christmas fever already like Thanksgiving is just the doormat to Christmas but it’s not even Thanksgiving yet so I’m really confused by that.

Some random but good songs-

  • Ugly Heart, by G.R.L. I think this was the first song I ever discovered on Spotify and it’s super girl power because it’s about dumping a crappy guy. Lol by the time I date anyone I’ll be so desperate for human companionship I’ll probably just stick with the crappy guy.
  • We Got the World, by Icona Pop. One of my favorite songs I’ve ever gotten from a movie because Pitch Perfect 2 is the greatest and the lyrics are saying be true to yourself and don’t let other people bring you down because we got the world, you know? You don’t know. Oh well, I tried.
  • Girls Chase Boys, by Ingrid Michaelson. I think of this as kind of folk-pop? But yeah a lot of people know this song and it’s an older one and it makes me destress about my lack of a love life so yeah.

This post made no sense wheeeeeee

~the short awkward (very loopy on lack of sleep) one


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