11/10- stuff that needs to be fixed

First of all, sorry to Marina and the Diamonds, because I had an entire post about you, but WordPress failed (see last post). So someday I may do a post about that, but only when I feel like it again. But I’ll reiterate- WordPress needs to fix their “restore” button, or not delete unfinished blog posts.

Second of all, I’m tired. No surprise there. It’s been scientifically proven that teenagers have later sleep cycles, yet school still starts at o’dark hundred. Someone needs to fix this.

Third of all, I’m awkward. Per usual, right? But I need more friends and I need a life and possibly a love life if I don’t want to be alone forever. I need to figure my life out and be social and active and do things I won’t be able to do when I’m an “adult.” So if someone wants to take me on a road trip or to a concert or even just stay up late texting me, I will love them forever.

So basically the short list of stuff to be fixed today: the restore button, school start times, and me.


  •  All Time Low, by Stacy Clark. I heard this on Guidance with Amanda Steele, I really want to watch the rest but it’s on some crappy app I don’t want to download.I will only break your heart
    let you down, give you false hope
    When you’re reaching up i will watch you fall
    Until you hit, hit, hit your all time low
  • Alive, by Sia. It’s about surviving and staying alive so the lyrics are great and Sia’s one of my favorites so I love it.
  • Cannonball, by Skylar Grey ft. X Ambassadors. I love Skylar Grey but the only song I’ve heard by X Ambassadors is Renegade. Their voices work really well together, I feel like she’s the female version of their voices, if that makes sense.

~the short awkward one

p.s. There’s no real pattern with the songs I post videos to, it’s just the songs I think people should hear.


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