11/8- are you serious

are you serious, wordpress?!?! I had an ENTIRE post typed out and I went to copy a link from a different tab, and when I came back my ENTIRE POST WAS GONE. Like not even in my Drafts. So I opened wordpress in a new tab and I saw the little restore button but I couldn’t click on it because of my stupid top bar and I could not for the life of me scroll up. So thanks a lot wordpress. I’ve just wasted a good 20 minutes of my life. Are you freaking kidding.

And no, I’m not going to the effort of writing out that post again. Because this was supposed to be somewhere where I could express my thoughts freely in an easy manner, but you had to make life difficult and now I can’t even do that. You better fix that restore button thing. It’s a real problem.

I’m serious, WordPress. FIX THIS.

~the short awkward (and very angry) one


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