11/2- new music

There’s so many great albums and songs that have come out recently, and I’m loving them-

  • Focus, by Ariana Grande. I love her voice and she’s one of my favorite artists. And I love the message- focus on who people are and listen to them because everyone has thoughts worth sharing.
  • Sorry, by Justin Bieber. Okay, I’m so not a JB fan. But for some reason I actually like his latest songs.
  • Nobody, by Selena Gomez. This and Same Old Love are my favorites from her latest album. Again, I’ve never been a huge fan but I’m finding that I like her music more now. It’s super catchy.

And I’m so excited for Hailee Steinfeld’s first EP, because her single Love Myself was so good! She announced the track list on Instagram today, here it is:

  1. Love Myself
  2. You’re Such A
  3. Rock Bottom
  4. Hell No’s and Headphones

I mean, the titles themselves are perfect and really creative. She also revealed the cover image which is amazing and she’s a goddess. For real.

~the short awkward one


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