10/30- ugh

“Ugh” is when your friends bring up a party you’re not invited to and you just kind of stand there awkwardly wilting inside but putting on a brave face until somone finally realizes and changes the subject but it’s too late because now you know that no one really likes you and you actually don’t have friends you just sometimes talk to some people and then you think about how it must be your own social awkwardness and how there’s something inherently wrong with you until you finally escape that torturous conversation into solitude where you plug in your headphones and listen-

  • Life of the Party, by Shawn Mendes. The party that I wasn’t invited to. Well, I could be the life of a pity party I guess.
  • Breathe Me, by Sia. This was one of the first songs I listened to when I started listening to a lot of music. Sia songs always have the best piano, and her vocals are always amazing.

  • Listen, by Beyoncé. She’s literal perfection and can do no wrong, because everyone loves her. Her voice is super powerful and I love the lyrics on this song especially. Not really a sad song, but it makes me happier. Most music does, actually.

I’ve had way too many sad days lately.

~the short awkward one


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