10/27- a message to those around me

I AM AN INTROVERT. What’s so hard to understand? I may not be the most vocal or have the most friends and I’m always retreating into my head with music but I work pretty hard and I like to think I’m a genuinely nice person, ok so don’t pressure me to talk or speak up or communicate because I will get there eventually and for now, just deal with it and don’t give me any crap.

  • Talk Me Down, by Troye Sivan. The saddest music video ever. All the feels. I love the whole concept of the trilogy, and definitely check out the rest of the series, but this one was my favorite by far.

  • We Don’t Have to Take Our Clothes Off, by Ella Eyre. Originally I think this was a super upbeat song from like the 80s, but I’m in love with this slower stripped down version. I first heard Ellie Lawrence’s version on The Voice and her voice was so nice, so I looked it up and I liked Ella Eyre’s version a lot too.
  • Demons, by Imagine Dragons. I’ve never been a hardcore fan of Imagine Dragons, but one time I was at a piano recital and a guy played this really well (side note-boys who can play piano are really cute. Maybe that’s just me) and this is my favorite song by them. Love the lyrics.

~the short awkward (introverted) one


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