10/24- disney

I love Disney movies, and anyone who doesn’t like at least one of them is crazy or lying. So these are some of my favs from or about Disney movies, there’s a bunch more but these are my go-tos:

  • I See the Light, by Mandy Moore. This is one of my absolute favorite scenes in Tangled, and I’m in love with their duet and the lyrics and it’s just so so pretty and perfect.
  • Lost Boy, by Ruth B. I heard this featured track on Pandora and I loved it, so I looked it up and she put this on Youtube and I love the keyboard and the lyrics are so good!! They totally fit the world of Peter Pan.

  • Colors of the Wind, by Judy Kuhn. I miss this! Again, the scene that goes with this is amazingly pretty and she’s got a really powerful voice and it’s just a really powerful song.

I also love a lot of the Mulan songs (to be expected, I’m Asian) and Frozen has some good songs, but honestly I think they’re kinda overrated, no offense to Frozen fans.

~the short awkward one


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