10/21-stupid stuff

Originally I was going to make this a Disney post, but I’ll save that for tomorrow.

I’m sure everyone’s had bad teachers in their lifetime. I wasn’t sure about my English teacher, but today cemented my opinion. I’m not the best at English and it’s not my favorite subject, but I’m definitely decent at it. So multiple things happened. We went over a test we had taken, and he just generally made fun of people (not specifically, but still) who had missed a certain question and compared them to elementary schoolers. The answer was deceptively way too simple and most people overthought it including me. And then we had “worktime” for an hour. We could choose what to do: decide on a topic for a satirical essay, write a thesis for that and get it checked off, and do SAT vocab, all of which is due tomorrow. Yet near the end of the period, he called out, “It doesn’t take an hour to write a thesis sentence, and everyone who hasn’t gotten theirs checked off is lame.” Okay, seriously? That applied to half the class including me. I was doing my SAT words, researching potential topics and trying to figure out a position. You want to see lame? How about the teacher who makes his students feel stupid?

wow that was a long rant…anyway that’s basically why I hate English right now…ugh

So music today is not happy and Disney.

  • Hall of Fame, by The Script. Great intro, and it’s basically a feel-good, you can do anything you want to do song. Kind of an older one but I love it.
  • Masterpiece, by Jessie J. So what if I take my time and I make mistakes? Good message. I don’t listen to a lot of her music, but her voice is super powerful.

  • Ordinary Human, by OneRepublic. I’m just a picture perfect nothing/Sometimes I medicate/I’ll be a picture perfect human/Before the sun goes down today. Ordinary people with flaws are going to be great one day, so don’t knock stupid mistakes, everyone makes them.

~the short awkward one


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