10/4- friends

My definition of a friend: someone who you can laugh with, talk to about anything, be unfiltered with, and someone who’s got your back. Sometimes people don’t get this definition and stab you in the back and that’s not a fun feeling.

And true friends will tell you about cool music-

  • Girls like Girls, by Hayley Kiyoko. (She’s in Lemonade Mouth. That movie is A+.) My friend told me about this song and we listened to it together and I said it had cool lyrics. She said she doesn’t really listen to the lyrics, but she listens to the beat and the melody and the voice, and I thought that was pretty cool how people listen to music differently. (For me it’s mostly about the lyrics and melody.)
  • Uma Thurman, by Fall Out Boy. Since I mostly listen to indie pop, this was kinda far out there, but a few of my friends really liked FOB and kept talking about them, so I listened to a few songs and I loved them.
  • Revolution, by Diplo ft. Faustix & Imanos and Kai. (okay super long title.) I already had this one in my playlist, but I was chatting with my friend and she asked if I knew it. Then she said it was super chill and calm and I ws like, wait. That’s not the one I know… So she sent me a link snd it turned out to be a great remix. So again, differences in music can be super cool.

Yay for friends who tell you about cool music!!

~the short awkward one


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