9/26- homecoming

At my school, today’s the homecoming dance. I’ve never been to a high school dance and I want to, but at the same time I don’t. Like I should go so I have that experience, but I’ve heard they’re overrated. You know, lots of awkwardness and/or drama, sweaty teenage bodies (in a crowd- I hate crowds) and overplayed music.

I’m at home watching Masterchef, doing my nails and listening to some (decidedly not overplayed) music-

  • Mine, by Phoebe Ryan. She’s got a sweet, kind of airy voice, and super cool turquoise hair. Definitely one of my favs.

  • Golden, by Travie McCoy ft. Sia. I’m a huge fan of Sia just in general, but I love this one because it’s super upbeat. I don’t know too much about the rapper guy, but I love his lyrics, so I’m going to look him up later for sure.
  • Dear Future Husband, by Meghan Trainor. Super sassy, bouncy and fun. All her music has a kind of 70s-retro vibe, and her videos are colorful and pastel and polka dotty and I’m in love with everything she does.

also s/o to me for not making this a pity party like I so often do…

~the short awkward one

ps: I might mention the same songs on different posts. If it bugs anyone, just deal.


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