9/16- artist of the day

Guess who- a singer/songwriter with an awesome voice, who has helped write a ton of chart-toppers, nicknamed “Pop’s mystery girl,” and really deserves more recognition?

Julia Michaels!

  • Trade Hearts, by Jason DeRulo ft. Julia Michaels. Their voices harmonize, and they both have incredible vocal runs in this song. So I wish I could trade hearts with you/ so I can feel the same way you do.

  • Daisy, by Zedd (ft. vocals by Julia Michaels). Zedd’s latest album, True Colors, has a lot of great artists- Troye Sivan, Echosmith, etc. but this song is one I always play on repeat.
  • and now some songs she’s helped write- Good for You, by Selena Gomez ft. A$AP Rocky; Love Myself, by Hailee Steinfeld; Miss Movin’ On, by Fifth Harmony; and probably more I haven’t found yet!

~the short awkward one

ps- I’m terrified of spiders and there was one in my room only it ran away and now idk where it is and I’m scared to fall asleep. What if it bites me??? Ew creepy.


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