9/15- anxiety


Ok so I don’t know if that pic is readable, but it’s so accurate (side note- follow @ fallinginsociety on insta because their posts are so relatable). Basically it’s saying that class participation shouldn’t be required. And I’m super quiet and I hate even raising my hand, much less participating in discussion. I’m pretty sure I have anxiety when I have to participate, my hands start shaking really bad, my mouth gets really dry, and my heart starts thumping really loudly in my chest. Other than participation, I’m a pretty good student, and I pay attention and I’m good with anything except talking in front of the class. So I have my mini internal freak out, and then I go and have some music and ice cream therapy at home-

  • Ghost, by Halsey. Her voice is so nice. So so nice. All her songs are literal perfection.
  • Happy, by Marina and the Diamonds. I’ve found what I’ve been looking for/in myself/ found a life worth living for/ someone else. Again, she’s got the coolest voice and lyrics. But what I really like is the background vocals and piano, they just make the song so much better. Check it out:

  • Young and Beautiful, by Lana del Rey. I have a thing for movie soundtracks. The Great Gatsby, Fault In Our Stars, Paper Towns, Fast and Furious 7, Red Band Society (I know it’s a TV show, but it legit had the best music. And then they stopped making it😥) Anyway, this song is lovely to play on piano, even without vocals.

btw, all these songs are from the same playlist, “anthems.”

~the short awkward one


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