9/13- new music

When my favorite artists release new music, I freak out and listen to it on repeat and learn all the lyrics and play it on the piano and get obsessed-

  • Same Old Love, by Selena Gomez. I’ve been a fan ever since wizards of waverly place. I really don’t care if it’s about JB or not, it’s just a great song. Also features Charli XCX, but I think she’s only in part of the chorus.
  • WILD, by Troye Sivan. I have a big weakness for youtubers who make music. First, his videos are amazing. Also his fashion sense is just on point and his voice and his writing and everything and his accent it’s literal perfection 😍
  • Stand by You, by Rachel Platten. This came out like 3 days ago, and it makes me happy but also I wish I had someone to stand by me… It’s a great song and I love her voice and the lyrics.

~the short awkward one


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