9/7- music before it’s popular

You know when you find this really good song or an artist that no one knows about, and then bam! The song/artist gets super popular overnight and goes on Billboard Hot 100 and all the big radio stations? I love that feeling. It’s like my taste in music is setting the trend lol.

  • Fight Song, by Rachel Platten. I found this song because one of my friends met Rachel Platten before this song became a hit. It makes me happy that a) another singer/songwriter is successful because those people make great music and b) I found it before it was popular.
  • Popular Song, by Ariana Grande ft. MIKA. So when I was in middle school, I was obsessed with the show Victorious. And Ariana Grande was on Victorious. This was before Ari had her hit song Problem and therefore before she was superfamous. Yay for my discovery 🙂
  • Miss Movin’ On, by Fifth Harmony. So they were already kind of famous I guess, for winning the X Factor, but their music wasn’t on top charts or one the radio like it is now. Love Fifth Harmony, girl power all the way!

~the short awkward one


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