8/24- hardcore

i’m assembling this bedframe from ikea and i have a screwdriver and hammer and it’s making me feel hardcore af… so i’m listening to these songs which to you might not seem hardcore, but that’s about as hardcore as my music gets ok? ok.

  • Uma Thurman, by Fall Out Boy. some of my friends introduced me to fall out boy and that’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever done because fob is amazinggggg
  • Girlfriend, by Avril Lavigne. can’t personally relate to this song, but love the lyrics and the melody and just avril in general, who recently came back onstage after recovering from lyme disease. you go girl.
  • I Can Feel It, by Hey Violet. new discovery but omg i’m in love with this song and also all their hair- it’s colorful and messy and i wish my hair was cool like that but it’s just brown and straight and boring. anyways, it’s a fun song with nice guitar so i highly recommend you check it out!



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