8/22- lazy day

here’s to pjs and fuzzy blankets and mean girls and throwback movies on disney channel because lazy days are the best days! doing absolutely nothing is an amazing feeling so yeah. don’t judge me for my laziness/procrastination issues because yes i know i have other things to do, i’d just prefer to push them to the back of my mind and chill for a while to these jams~

  • I Will Be There, by Odessa. love this song, love her voice, love those notes in the background, love those beats. enough said.
  • I Want the Sky, by Lucy Schwartz. her voice sounds kinda like sara bareilles, but the lyrics to the song aren’t as repetitive and it’s just pretty chill.
  • Somebody to You, by The Vamps ft. Demi Lovato. kay so i really really like the vamps and collabs and harmonizing and this song makes me happy!


p.s. spirit animal=sloth because my laziness level is wayyy up there


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