8/21- summer’s end

summer is ending and i’m not ready for that because i’ve literally been a potato for these entire two months and not accomplished anything, like summer hw or sat studying. i’ve just been eating ice cream and junk food and watching movies and staying in my pajamas all day and i’m not ready for school and all the stress and problems and worries that come with it. so to bury my head in the sand and go into denial, i’m listening to my fav songs that give me summer vibes-

  • Be Okay, by Oh Honey. perfect catchy, bubblegum-without-being-annoying summer song. “i’m wide awake/so what’s the point of dreaming when your life is great/celebrate the feeling…
  • Let Me In, by Grouplove. upbeat yet super relaxing.
  • Fire N Gold, by Bea Miller. makes me think of roadtrips and chasing sunsets, not that i’ve ever done that, but what i imagine it would be like.

let me hang on to those last days of summer



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