8/20-pity party

everyone’s got those random sorry-for-yourself moments and i pretty much have a pity party over insignificant things at least once a day. seriously, i have a playlist dedicated to these moments. and today’s stupid little issue was…….. no one texts me first because i am pathetic. i got all excited over my phone screen like ooooh i finally got texted first and then it was my phone company saying my service was about to expire. if that isn’t pathetic i don’t know what is. and i’m pretty sure that even if i vanished off the face of the freaking earth it would take most of my “friends” at least a month to notice. and so out come the girl scout cookies and the ice cream and the playlist i wish i didn’t need.

so today’s soundtrack?

  • Say Something, A Great Big World ft. Christina Aguilera. ok, maybe a little too much. but you gotta admit, it fits.
  • Sad, Maroon 5. song title pretty much says it all.
  • Little Do You Know, Alex & Sierra. little do the people on the other end of the phone know that the road/bridge/any other communication analogy, that line runs both ways, k? it’s not a one way street and it’s not supposed to be and yet here i sit feeling like that’s exactly what’s happening.

as the title of the post promised, this was indeed a giant pity party. this was a crappy first post, i know. welcome to my shallow pit of despair. shallow because in the grand scheme of things it’s not important, but right now it matters to me and that’s all there is to it.



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